ADR and Colorado College Utilities Web App Documentation

All technical documentation is located at


To install this web app, you can either fork/clone the project’s source code from

$ git clone

or download a zip file and unzip the file to create the app’s working directory.:

$ unzip adr-cc-utilities

Change directories to the new adr-cc-utilities directory and run this command to install the Python modules required by this web app

$ cd adr-cc-utilities
$ python install


To use this web app, you’ll need two Flask configuration files, fedora.cfg and form-variables.cfg both located in adr-cc-utilities directory. Variables for fedora.cfg are listed in the configuration section in the Flask Fedora Commons Documentation.

Variables in form-variables.cfg provide common information, such as INSTITUTION_NAME, for the forms used in this web app These variables (and examples values) are :

CONTENT_MODELS ‘[“adr:adrBasicObject”, “adr:adrETD”]’
INSTITUTION_NAME ‘Colorado College’
LOCATION ‘Colorado Springs, Colorado’
RIGHTS_STATEMENTS ‘Copyright by Colorado College, all rights reserved’

Running as a local web app

To run this web app from the command line in either development or production mode, use the following command with these options.

Run in development mode with default host of and default port of 8003

$ python dev

Run in production mode with optional –host and –port options

$ python prod --host=localhost --port=8080

You should now be able to use your web browser of choice to access the web app. In the default development or production modes, load http://localhost:8003/ into the browser’s address bar.

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